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AMEET MALHOTRA, Chef and Owner of Elephant Wings

Born and raised in the bustling city of Bombay India, Ameet Malhotra is a talented graphic designer, chef, and owner of Elephant Wings based in Kansas City. In December of 1998, Ameet embarked on an adventure that would change the course of his life.


After receiving a student visa, Ameet chose to pursue post-secondary education in a new country. He immigrated to Atlanta, Georgia and studied graphic design. However, in the pursuit of his American Dream, Ameet would embark on a lengthy but ultimately rewarding process. Upon completing his studies in 2001, he started working at Hallmark and secured a work visa. Ultimately, his journey towards citizenship was not without its share of waiting. As years passed and he now reflects on the arduous path, Ameet says “all I can think about is that it took a long time.”  From obtaining his permanent residency in 2010 to finally becoming a naturalized citizen in July of 2017, Ameet’s journey is one that shares the message of self-acceptance and cultural pride.


Growing up in Bombay and Dubai, Ameet’s childhood has been marked by cultural fusion. With exposure to Western culture in India, Ameet had a solid foundation to embrace his new home. Nonetheless, although he experienced a modern lifestyle in India, adapting to the cultural differences still proved challenging as he navigated the distinct variables of communication.

For Ameet, being away from home also meant missing the flavors of his homeland. From the aroma of garam masala to the coriander chutney, he missed his cultural food and started experimenting with different Indian recipes including those of his grandmother. As he continued to cook daily meals for himself and shared with friends, he constantly received resounding appreciation and encouragement to dive deeper into the culinary world and his culinary talent. With constant motivation to open a restaurant, Ameet was encouraged by the positive feedback and support from loved ones.  In 2020, he faced a turning point in his life as he was laid off from Hallmark. As the Covid pandemic struck, Ameet turned a devasting event into a blessing. Given the opportunity to bring his vision to life, he wanted to “spread awareness and love for [his] culture through food.” As a result, he launched Elephant Wings, a concept “to provide private dining experiences at people’s homes.”


Elephant Wings started as a personal private chef service that serves India fusion cuisine in the comfort of your home. Ameet cooks and serve homestyle Indian food with a fusion twist. While gathering inspiration from food all around the word, he brings a unique element and cultural twist to his dishes. For example, by adding cumin chicken, coriander chutney, and other traditional Indian flavors to a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, he serves the “Bombay-Mi.”


Testimonials from Ameet’s dining experiences are consistently described as nothing short of exceptional. One customer shared “outstanding experience with Indian cuisine in K.C… all the recipes are unique creations emerging from family [and] childhood… one line does not describe [Ameet’s] art."

After a few years of providing private dining services to those in Kansas City, Ameet’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to a new opportunity. In November of 2022, he discovered an opportunity to become a food vendor in the Northland’s Iron District (1599 Iron St., North Kansas City, MO). Contacting them in October, within days, a seamless process unfolded. Ameet signed a contract to establish his presence within the Iron District.


Now, Ameet continues to serve his purpose of spreading awareness and love for his culture though food. He provides outstanding culinary creations to a broader audience in Kansas City. The Iron District menu features sandwiches like the Unholy Cow, Paneer Tikka, and Bombay-Mi accompanied with the Tikka Masala Poutine and an iced Masala Chai to top it off. The Elephants Wings container is a bright yellow with a beautiful traditional mandala design.

Ameet has future aspirations to serve the Kansas City community in a greater way.  With much ambition and sense of adventure, he expressed desire to continue serving in the Iron District, expand his offerings, and perhaps even open a brick-and-motor restaurant. He continues to provide his private dining experiences.


For Ameet, the journey to America was a journey to pursue his dreams. To other immigrants just beginning their journey in America, he emphasizes the importance of pride and resilience. Ameet says “be yourself, be proud of who you are, and if people tell you to change your name, don’t. Your name matters so be proud of it.” Through adversity and challenge, he urges others to embrace their true selves, never succumbing to pressures to change their identities.


In conclusion he shares “just be proud of where you come from and talk about your family and your culture.” Ameet’s story is one of dispelling stereotypes and fostering understanding. He shows the importance of triumph over adversity, cultural fusion, and the power of embracing one’s identity."


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