The Coalition for Immigrant Mental Health (CIMH) was created to provide immigrants with the resources necessary to combat their mental concerns. They have listed resources with accurate pricing and requirements in English and Spanish.  

In pursuit of mental health justice, Inclusive Immigrants provides users with a simple way to connect with therapists with similar cultures and backgrounds as them.    

As mental health continues to be stigmatized in many Latin communities, Therapy For LatinX was created to make connecting with a culturally understanding therapist easier. The simple step-by-step instructions allow for users to easily connect with therapists and begin sessions quickly. 

The National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association has compiled resources to combat mental issues specific to this community.  

The South Asian Sexual & Mental Health Alliance was created to support and help South Asian youth navigate personal struggles that are seen as taboo in their communities. The organization touches on key aspects of mental health and provides information and outlets to its users. 

The Black Mental Health Association has a multitude of resources aimed to destigmatize mental health in black communities. The organization also focuses on increasing black employment in underrepresented areas such as social work and psychiatry.