Eye of an Immigrant

Overcoming cultural barriers and providing financial assistance to create a legal pathway to citizenship through the GENEROSITY of others

Our Mission

Eye of An Immigrant is dedicated to uplifting and uniting immigrants in the United States. The crushing effect of America’s broken immigration system is shadowed upon families each day. The United States is a nation built on the sacrifices of immigrants, continuously bringing success and fortune to our country. However, they are more than workers and a source of economic prosperity; immigrants are our neighbors, friends, classmates, and members of our nation.

Our mission consists of three components: storytelling, resource assistance and financial assistance. We aim to help immigrant families overcome cultural barriers to achieve their American dream.

"They have no idea what it's like

to lose home at the risk of

never finding home again

to have your entire life

spilt between two lands and

become the bridge between two countries"

- Rupi Kaur